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There are 415 entries in the guestbook.
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Jens Kuhfs
from Germany
Signed on: Sun Apr 3 11:32:34 2011
Hi Natalia - Congratulations ! I played chess until 1990 :) I liked Bird's Opening and chees master Boris Spassky.  
Comment: Hi Jens! Until 1990? Nice. I have just learnt the rules that year. :)
Signed on: Tue Mar 8 18:59:27 2011

8 ! !
Comment: !
Mustafa Orakc1Signed on: Sun Mar 6 01:52:19 2011
hello ladies 
I admire you 
I would love to play with you. 
best regards 
:D :)
Bob Savage
from Rockford Michigan, USA
Signed on: Sun Mar 6 01:52:04 2011
Playing in USCF since 1972. Chess coach. Energy efficiency expert. ;)
Comment: Nice to meet you, Bob! :)
from quito
Signed on: Fri Feb 18 19:00:57 2011
Hola Felicitaciones web muy buena..
Signed on: Wed Feb 9 11:11:14 2011
Dr. Joe Carrano
from US
Signed on: Mon Feb 7 14:56:19 2011
thanks for the informative articles, i needed the help. 
Comment: You are welcome! :)

Signed on: Mon Feb 7 14:56:28 2011
. " " . . :)
Herman KuunSigned on: Wed Feb 2 00:41:35 2011
Hello Natalia! How is the chess world treating you there at the Big Rock? Good luck with the tournament. First I want to wish you and family a great and prosperous 2011. Secondly complement you on your Russian femininity. So original and so beautiful. Lastly. Thanks I could share one of your wallpaper pics on Facebook with my friends. Of coarse it has to be the CatOnFire one!  
Give them hell there in Gibraltar! 
Kind regards 
Comment: Thanks, Herman! :) So far I am having a rather hard time at the tournament, but I love the atmosphere and the people there!
Wayne Mendryk
from Alberta,Canada
Signed on: Mon Jan 31 12:15:08 2011
Natalia,thank you for playing us the chess game at it was a very interesting game which was a great deal of fun to play.I hope you and your family have a great rest of the year!
Comment: Thanks for the kind words, Wayne! All the best to you too!
from Philippines
Signed on: Thu Jan 27 12:52:50 2011
iam a fan here coz you're smart and pretty too.
Comment: Thank you! :)
Signed on: Mon Jan 24 12:46:35 2011

- - )))
Comment: . - , :)
from USA
Signed on: Thu Jan 20 22:49:02 2011
A very nice website. Keep up the good work and the good games coming!
Comment: Thanks, will do!
Aaron Quaday
from Grand Forks, ND
Signed on: Wed Jan 19 07:52:45 2011
Hi Natalia, 
Your efforts at chess must be focused and intensive to have risen to such high standing.  
My efforts are poorly focused on chemical engineering in the US.  
We have a strong contingent of committed (though amateur) chess players in our small city.  
Are you doing any US tours in the future, maybe we can try to organize a regional tournament here and boost membership in FIDE, or in the US. We could use your help! jk. 
I'm a well rounded person hopeful that collective global efforts are a handful of people away 
from a precipitous drop in habits of consumption  
ciao bella,  
(aquaday47 on
Comment: Hi Aaron, 
I like your idea a lot, we should think about it. Good luck to you and your colleagues!
aaron.quaday@und.eduhttp://out of date
andrew palmer
from U.S.
Signed on: Mon Jan 17 11:56:31 2011
hello, like your site, am watching Tata chess right now  
Comment: Thanks! :)