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Articles new server and other autumn updates

User Rating: / 0
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 03 September 2009

September is a tough period for everyone. We hope that for you its going to be smooth, interesting, and successful. is also experiencing autumn feelings: we have moved to a new server, thus some technical bugs occur & sometimes the website is down, sorry. However, we have prepared a lot of tasty materials for you (will be published later), as well as functional updates. So, in the nearest future the situation is going to become stabile, and even improve!

Some recent news about Natalia from the web:

Etien Bacrot and Natalia Pogonina at the Mundialchess international tournament

News in Russian (a few articles)

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 September 2009 )

Chess Kamasutra, really? by The Trinidad Guardian

User Rating: / 6
Written by Peter Zhdanov   
Tuesday, 11 August 2009
Yet another article about our upcoming book Chess Kama Sutra, really insightful and interesting. Carl Jacobs from The Trinidad Guardian shares his views on the subject of our book, women in chess and other exciting issues.

Newly-wed Russian chess players, Natalia Pogonina and Peter Zhdanov.
They are working on a book entitled Chess Kamasutra.

It would be interesting to hear what WGM Natalia Pogonina, one of the strongest women chess players in the world, has to say on the controversial topic of why men are apparently better at the game than women. For the Caribbeans people, her views on this perennially debated issue must hold some fascination since the mentally taxing sport has been a male dominated activity from its beginnings in the region. And some misogynistic individuals, like the late World Champion Bobby Fischer, have cited the game as evidence to prove their case that women are a mentally inferior breed to men.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 August 2009 )

Natalia Pogonina: Tactics challenge

User Rating: / 0
Written by Peter Zhdanov   
Wednesday, 15 July 2009
A touching photo of Natalia Pogonina, 17, 2003, with some of her trophies.
Just imagine how many awards she has now!

They say that chess is all about tactics - there are very few people who like chess, but aren't fond of solving tactical problems. We have been offering you positions from the "Play like Pogonina" series with Natalia's comments - hope you liked them. Now just imagine how positvely shocked I was when I saw this message on the web:

I posted 29 chess puzzles by Russian GM/Beauty Queen, Natalia Pogonina:
What's the best move? by WTHarvey

What can I say? Thanks to Mr. Harvey for preparing such an excellent selection of tactics from Natalia's games. I'm sure you're going to have a great time solving them!

P.S. The website includes chess tactics of some of the other top GMs - make sure you don't miss the most interesting problems!

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 July 2009 )

Natalia Pogonina @ Toronto Star: Honey, what are you doing with that rook?

User Rating: / 0
Written by Natalia Pogonina   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009
WGM Natalia Pogonina

Author: Anonymous
Date: Jun 13, 2009
Start Page: IN.2
Section: Insight
Text Word Count: 127

Document Text

Russia's Natalia Pogonina, 24, is one of the best female chess players in the world, a Woman Grandmaster and a two-time European under-18 champion. She is also very good-looking. Seeking to capitalize on her beauty, the law school student and new husband Peter Zhdanov, a Russian debating champ and now her "manager," are writing a book called Chess Kamasutra in which they will show "it is possible to apply sex principles to chess, and vice-versa."

Among other such subjects, Pogonina and Zhdanov will, as she recently told, "be reviewing the most interesting openings and middlegame positions and relating them to positions from Kama Sutra."

They will also explain a new hybrid activity they have pioneered "sexchess." Why not? "Chess," Pogonina said, "is just dying for effective promotion."

P.S. The article can be found here. I wonder what photos they have actually used - we have sent them a couple of them. Anyone  seen the original article in print?

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 14 July 2009 )

NY Post on Chess Kamasutra

User Rating: / 8
Written by Natalia Pogonina   
Sunday, 12 July 2009

Positional players
Andy Soltis
New York Post
12 Jul 2009

THE 15th-best woman player in the world says the secret of her success is a good love life. Natalia Pogonina, 24, said she is writing a book, Chess Kama Sutra, with her new husband, which will explain what she calls the love theory of more...
Tech Tags:

Another amusing article about our upcoming book "Chess Kamasutra".
Btw, writing it is a rigorous task - we're working on the potential bestseller!

Comments (3)

Last Updated ( Sunday, 12 July 2009 )

Women and men in chess - smashing the stereotypes: readers' feedback

User Rating: / 8
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 01 July 2009

The article "Women and men in chess - smashing the stereotypes" has been very popular with,, and readers. Most of the feedback we have received included statements such as "stop your hatred against men", "this is feminist stuff", "women are just worse players than men, face it and try something else".

However, there were messages of a different kind. Here's a bright example:

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 July 2009 )

Play like Pogonina: Seps (2079) - Pogonina (2340)

User Rating: / 0
Written by Natalia Pogonina   
Wednesday, 24 June 2009
32. ...?

Today's "Play like Pogonina" article is brought to you by GM Raymond Keene who wrote about me in his respectable Times chess column. The problem is very easy, but I hope that you'll enjoy the final position! Press on the link below the diagram to see the whole game.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 June 2009 )

Women and men in chess - smashing the stereotypes

User Rating: / 100
Written by Natalia Pogonina   
Tuesday, 23 June 2009


On June 5, 2009 WGM Natalia Pogonina and Peter Zhdanov got married she a Women's Grandmaster, he a successful IT-specialist and debate expert. Peter is also Natalias manager, together they are writing a book called "Chess Kamasutra". Today they share with us their views on the perennial topic why women are worse at chess than men, and take a look at the future of womens chess.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 23 June 2009 )

Congratulations to Natalia and Peter, the new chess couple

User Rating: / 2
Written by Peter Zhdanov   
Wednesday, 17 June 2009

We didn't want to make a fuss out of our wedding, and have informed only some of our best chess friends about Natalia's marriage - Alexandra Kosteniuk, Susan Polgar, Elizabeth Vicary etc. - thanks to all of you who congratulated us and sorry for not making a full list - there are way too many links, we'll still miss someone!

Special thanks goes to ChessBase and personally to Frederic Friedel - their Natalia Pogonina's wedding report was very nice!

Two life-time accounts were from ChessGames were also a great gift.

P.S. If you have seen an interesting report on the wedding (or even published one yourself) - feel free to leave a comment, we'll be happy to read it!

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 June 2009 )

Natalia Pogonina: "Unique trainings in sexchess..."

User Rating: / 14
Written by Natalia Pogonina   
Sunday, 24 May 2009
A smile before the game is worth 100 performance points

Recently I gave a pretty exciting and informative interview for, hope you'll like it:

Comments (10)

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 27 May 2009 )
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